Superhero Stories

Meet Our 2022 Superheroes

Meet Rithwik

“Holland Bloorview is such a fun place! But, more importantly, I feel like I have more opportunities by coming here,” he says with a smile on his face.

Meet Carson

It’s no wonder this nine-year-old is always on the go—even while he was an inpatient at Holland Bloorview.

Meet Tayah

And when Tayah isn’t at school or at an appointment, you’ll often find her listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks or playing with her older brother who she adores.

Meet Dulce

It’s important to show people the impact that they actually have on kids and their families. The kids are full of potential.

Meet Irene

When she’s not shooting hoops or drawing, Irene loves setting up her electronic shop where she fixes old phones, iPods and TV remotes.

Meet Jean

From Egypt to Falkland Islands, and back to Toronto, Jean has traveled all over the world—all while sporting her bright red or gold cape.

Meet Mike

The Catalyst Council’s goal is to up our game every single year. It has motivated us to really leverage our networks and make people aware about why we’re fundraising.

Meet Rehan

"My doctors at Holland Bloorview inspire me. One day I wish to be as good as them. I would love to be as good as Dr. Fehlings and Dr. Milo-Manson."

Meet Charissa

I’ve never been involved in a fundraiser where you don’t have to say anything. It’s a conversation starter on its own.

Meet Bella

For Bella, one of the biggest challenges she faces is going into new environments like the playground

Meet Our 2021 Superheroes

Meet Alessandra

For Alessandra, it almost seemed like zooming around on her bike would only be a dream.

Meet Elena and Vanessa

Although Vanessa and Elena are focused on completing their PhDs in rehabilitation, they’re adding a bit of fun to their day—and it’s all thanks to a cape.

Meet Bella

For Bella, one of the biggest challenges she faces is going into new environments like the playground

Meet Lilly

“Holland Bloorview is our second home,” says Narges. “Everyone was as passionate as I was to see Lilly’s success and progress.”

Meet Carlos and Daryl

When you’ve been involved with a comic book store for 20 years, participating in Capes for Kids seems like a match made in heaven.

Meet Lincoln

“This is my first year helping out with Capes for Kids, but I got my cape from Fabiana and I wear it with pride— even around the house!”

Meet Gabriel

When he turned two, Gabriel started at Bloorview School Authority where he accessed the therapeutic pool and also found his confidence.

Meet Joe - Interwork

For Joe Graci, heroic service means going the extra mile and adapting well to difficult situations.

Meet Joe

“I believe in community, I believe in helping others, and I believe in an understanding of the world around us,” he says.

Meet Tanya

“Wearing a cape is a nice icebreaker because it opens up that conversation to bring visibility,” she says.

Meet Fidelity

“It was a no brainer when it came to deciding why we should participate in Capes,” says Beth.

Meet Bob

Ask Bob Courteau where he’s worn his cape and he’ll show you photos of him skiing down a hill

Meet Steve

“Raising awareness in the community is really important and if I can help do both those things then that’s a step in the right direction.”

Meet Sonnet Insurance

When Ruma joined Sonnet a few years ago, she was keen to share her work as a Family Leader at Holland Bloorview with her new colleagues.

Meet Our 2019 Superheroes

Meet Owen

“The support group helped me by showing me that I wasn’t alone with my injury, and by teaching me how to advocate for myself,” he said.

Meet Zion

“I just want to see him keep thriving. I love the fact that he has no limits. If anything, it’s me who has the limits. So I’m the one learning to set no limits for him.”

Meet Miles

The way two-year-old Miles builds towers with his building blocks, his parents may just have a budding engineer or architect.

Meet Rhea

From garage sales, to community events, Rhea’s incredible charm, charisma and light-up-the-room smile are impossible to resist.

Meet Penelope

“Holland Bloorview has helped Penelope find her voice and it has literally changed our lives. Her voice is the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard.”

Meet Sheriauna

When 12-year-old Sheriauna dances in competitions with her prosthetic left arm, her mom, Sherylee, fights to stay composed.