Meet Tanya

Since the first year of Capes for Kids, Tanya has worked hard to raise awareness for Holland Bloorview by wearing her cape to church, while getting groceries, and even her daughter’s dance recitals.

And when asked for her funniest interaction and the wildest place she’s worn it, she answers with: pumping gas.

“I went early in the morning, to avoid the lines and crowd, and this one lady looks at me and exclaims, ‘I saw that campaign on TV!’” she says.

Although Tanya has worked at Holland Bloorview as a dental hygienist for 11 years, she recognizes how little most people know about the hospital and its dental clinic.

“Wearing a cape is a nice icebreaker because it opens up that conversation to bring visibility,” she says.

While she skips out on DIYing her own cape—one attempt the first year following along to a YouTube clip didn’t end so well, she adds with a  laugh—she proudly dons the authentic Holland Bloorview cape with pride, fundraising through Facebook posts and conversations with her church colleagues.

Tanya admits wearing the cape while cleaning teeth can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but she hopes more people will be willing to embrace the activity.

“I wore it all the time. Just think about all the good that you can do for the children that we serve,” she says. “We do it every day, so why not take the next step?”