Meet Bryar

Meet Bryar, a Capes for Kids superhero. Each year ambassadors proudly wear their capes and inspire meaningful conversations about accessibility, inclusion, and creating a stigma-free world where everyone belongs. Our superheroes also generously share their stories, pose for photos, feature in ads, and join in so many festivities. We’re so excited for you to get to know them better.

Bryar in the hall wearing his cape looking back.


Superpower: Teleportation

Theme song: Red by Taylor Swift 

Mission: Riding the elevator

Superhero: Da da da da da… Batman!

Bryar is an 8-year-old superhero who is ready to take on his first mission for Capes for Kids.

From singing Taylor Swift and Fleetwood Mac on family car rides, to running track and field, math questions and reading Franklin with his little sister, this friendly captain is excited to do all his favourite activities in his cape!

We spoke to Bryar, his mom Justine and his dad Brandon to learn more Bryar’s superpowers and why the family is so excited to be joining forces with Capes for Kids.

What are you most excited to do in your cape?

Bryar: I’m excited to ride an elevator in my cape. Because the voice in the elevator will say, first floor, third floor, fifth floor! I’d love to be an elevator voice one day!

Justine: With everything he has been through since he was born, I’m excited for him to bring more attention to inclusion. Bryar’s such a ray of sunshine and makes everyone’s day. He’s my little superhero.

What is your super power?

Bryar: Teleportation! I love to move! In occupational therapy I get to ride the treadmill! I like to paint, I like to draw, I like to write, I like to do everything!

What is your favourite thing about Holland Bloorview?

Justine: He loved going to the programs. It meant a lot. Being here full time after surgery it was a lot. The activities after his physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions like getting to go to kitchen nights, and the art nights – it made it easier for us. We could go run errands and do the things we needed and then he could socialize with other kids.

Bryar: I love the elevator!

Justine: He’s always, always been interested in elevators. Anytime there’s an elevator he just wants to go in it. We took him to the CN tower and he had so much fun. He just walked across the glass floor with no fear.

How can people be superheroes for inclusion?

Brandon: You can have literature about inclusion in your classrooms. You can even just ask kids directly how they want to participate and how they want to be included and what they need to be successful. 

Justine: We want to see more inclusive playgrounds and classrooms that are accessible.

Do you have a message for the people at Holland Bloorview you’d want to share?

Bryar: Thank you for your support! Thank you Erin! Thank you Rochnelle! One day I would like to work here as an associate office elevator worker. Thank you!