Advisory Council

Meet our 2024 Capes for Kids Advisory Council!

Advisory Council members support Holland Bloorview by expanding and promoting the Capes for Kids fundraising campaign, with a focus on growing corporate participation and sponsorship. These unstoppable advocates are helping us make this the best Capes for Kids on record! 

Catherine Price

Associate, Real Estate, Fengate Asset Management 

Superhero status: 3-year Capes for Kids Veteran

Why I wear my cape: I wear my cape to show my support and promote all the wonderful work Holland Bloorview does for kids and youths with disabilities. The level of compassion, creativity, and support they bring to their care is truly inspiring! All kids deserve to feel like a superhero and wearing a cape is just the start! 


Derek Gomes

Head of Customer Success, PandoPartner

Superhero status: Eager new Capes for Kids recruit 

Why I wear my cape: I wear my cape to support the incredible work that Holland Bloorview is doing to build a more inclusive world for kids and youth with disabilities. Holland Bloorview has helped my family tremendously over the years and now I wear the cape to help them continue to make a difference in other families’ lives.

Graeme White

Associate, Capital Markets Investment Sales, Avison Young

Superhero status: 3-year Capes for Kids veteran

Why I wear my cape: I find the work that Holland Bloorview does to be incredibly inspiring. These children confront their challenges with positivity, and when I work with Holland Bloorview, I experience a strong sense of community and support. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you are contributing to an extraordinary cause like Capes for Kids and Holland Bloorview.

Issa Sumar

Institutional Sales Analyst, Further Capital 

Superhero status: 4 fantastic years of Capes for Kids service 

Why I wear my cape: I wear my cape to bring awareness to the health needs of children and how everyone can be a superhero in their care and wellbeing. Wearing a cape is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ so each individual can do their part in making a difference in children’s lives.

Ivana Tunguz

Corporate Development Manager, Enwave Energy Corporation 

Superhero status: 2nd year Capes for Kids Hero 

Why I wear my cape: I proudly wear my cape as a symbol of the extraordinary courage and resilience embodied by every child at Holland Bloorview. These young superheroes face challenges with unwavering determination, and it’s a privilege to stand alongside them.

Joey Shaw

Vice President, INFOR Financial 

Superhero status: 4 fantastic years of Capes for Kids service 

Why I wear my cape: I wear my cape because every child  is a superhero in their own right! Together, we soar above obstacles and help turn compassion into action, with every dollar raised going towards creating a brighter, healthier future for the incredible kids of Holland Bloorview.

Kirsten Tiedje

Product Manager, Capital One 

Superhero status: 4 fantastic years of Capes for Kids service 

Why I wear my cape: I wear my cape to support the true everyday heroes: the kids, their families, the doctors, and the staff. I wear it to show that Holland Bloorview is a beautiful place filled with hope and strength. And because who doesn’t like to wear a cape? It’s fun!

Lucksha Srirangarajan

Associate Consultant, ADAPTOVATE

Superhero status: 2nd year Capes for Kids veteran

Why I wear my cape: I wear my cape for the Holland Bloorview Cape for Kids Initiative to support children and families that are going through various health challenges. It symbolizes my commitment to their well-being, raises awareness of this incredible organization, and fosters a community dedicated to endless possibilities for all children. 

Michael Gore

Vice President, Assurance, Chief Risk & Audit Executive, Ontario Power Generation 

Superhero status: 3-year Capes for Kids veteran

Why I wear my cape: This is my third year taking part in Capes for Kids, and I’m excited to be a member of the Advisory Council. Having seen first hand the quality of programs Holland Bloorview provides, I wear the cape to help ensure that all kids have the opportunity to realize their own potential and grow up in an inclusive society.

Nik Provenzano

Management Consultant, PwC

Superhero status: Eager New Capes for Kids Recruit 

Why I wear my cape:  I am currently a member of the Holland Bloorview Catalyst Council and have been personally connected to the hospital for my entire life, as I was born without a left hand and have used the prosthetics they’ve provided me with to compete against able-bodied athletes at the highest level of numerous sports growing up. I am deeply passionate about improving the lives of amputees and the disability community in general.

Payman Berjis

Director, Acquisitions, ALLIED

Superhero status: Eager New Capes for Kids Recruit 

Why I wear my cape:  I wear my cape to support the incredible work that the staff, doctors and researchers at Holland Bloorview are doing, but most importantly to show support to the most courageous little superheros and their families. 

Pedram Berjis

Senior Advisor, Development, Infrastructure Ontario 

Superhero status: Eager new Capes for Kids recruit

Why I wear my cape: Wearing my cape symbolizes a commitment to fostering a community of support and resilience for children with disabilities at Holland Bloorview. So cape up with me and let’s contribute towards creating a brighter, inclusive future for these remarkable kids.

Sarah Nixon-Suggitt

Managing Director and Head of People & Talent, BentallGreenOak

Superhero status: 5 fantastic years of Capes for Kids service 

Why I wear my cape: I’ve had the privilege as a mom to share the journey of our very own superhero, Katie, throughout the last 19 years. Holland Bloorview has enabled us to help Katie thrive since she was a baby and we are always pleased when we get the opportunity to give back to Holland Bloorview and to help other families and children as they navigate their own superhero journeys. I wear the Cape proudly every year to share the message that the children who are a part of the HB community are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. They all have their own story and are charting their own path and in doing so, they teach us all so much about resilience, patience, fun and facing adversity. When we are at HB we feel very “at home” and welcomed and that experience is hard to find in a world that doesn’t always embrace those with disabilities. The Capes for Kids campaign makes it possible for HB to continue the extraordinary work it does with young people and their families and it’s a pleasure to contribute through this campaign.

Tom Cooper

Executive Director, Equity Capital Markets, CIBC Capital Markets 

Superhero status: 6-year Capes for Kids veteran 

Why I wear my cape: For my daughter and all amazing kids and families that have the potential to benefit from Holland Bloorview’s services and research.

Will Goodman

Sales Representative, Associate, Avison Young 

Superhero status: 2nd Year Capes for Kids Hero

Why I wear my cape: I wear my cape in support of the Capes for Kids Foundation and all of the inspiring children it represents. Regardless of the challenges that these children face, they bring a positive attitude every day. Seeing this first-hand in 2023 was moving, and I’m excited to help bring more awareness to this amazing foundation in 2024! I look forward to being a part of the incredibly strong community at Capes for Kids and Holland Bloorview. 

Interested in becoming an Advisory Council superhero?