Meet Jennifer

For this superhero it’s all about the impact!


Jennifer Quaglietta believes that together we can create a safer and more compassionate healthcare system. Throughout her career, she has been a leader in the healthcare sector, and has created transformative strategies that improved patient outcomes and the quality of care across Canada.


As a member of Holland Bloorview’s Board of Directors, she’s been a long-time champion of Capes for Kids and breaking down barriers for kids with disabilities.

Jennifer shares why Capes for Kids holds a special place in her heart.

What’s your personal connection to Holland Bloorview?

I became aware of hospital more intimately after a conversation with my neighbour Paul, who’s a former client of the hospital who lives with Cerebral Palsy. Because of the support Paul received as a child through the hospital’s various programs and supportive staff, he was easily able to transition and thrive into adulthood with so much independence and confidence.

Having two brothers-in-laws who live with disabilities who did not receive the same level of support that Paul did during their youth, I know the difference and impact that access to care can make. It’s for that reason that I’m a strong advocate for Holland Bloorview, its mission, and its programs. 

 Why do you participate in Capes for Kids?

There are a number of reasons why Capes for Kids is such a great fundraiser.

The Capes themselves symbolize empowerment and encourage kids and youth at Holland Bloorview to feel brave and be confident.

As a Board Director, it provides me with a sense of belonging. Not only creating a community of support among the Board, but also among the clients and families that Holland Bloorview serves.

Participating in Capes is also a great way to start a conversation about disability! From the everyday challenges of living with a disability, to the variety of circumstances and diagnoses, it’s important that we talk about it all and break down the stigma.

Participating in Capes for Kids also demonstrates the values of generosity and kindness which both my husband and I continue to instill in our young children. It demonstrates how we as parents can take action to promote empathy and compassion towards others, while coming together as a community to support a worthy cause.

What’s your favourite Capes for Kids memory?

Last year a dear friend of mine, whose son is Holland Bloorview alumni, and I were able to raise over $10,000 for Capes for Kids. Shortly after the campaign, my dear friend passed away. I left the gold cape that was given to me with the family to demonstrate the commitment and impact they had at Holland Bloorview and on the hospital’s wider community.