Meet Joe

Joe Gold loves superheroes.

That’s why it’s no surprise, as principal of Brownridge Public School, he excitedly gets his staff and students engaged in the annual campaign.

“I believe in community, I believe in helping others, and I believe in an understanding of the world around us,” he says.

“I believe that kids need to be aware of that and recognize that there are others out there with different abilities and we need to understand and appreciate those differences.”

Joe was introduced to Capes for Kids after a parent of one of his students brought it to his attention. Since then, he’s been connected with teachers to turn the campaign into a school-wide fundraising activity.  

Each March, the school hosts an assembly for all the students and during one day of the week, everyone is invited to wear a cape.

To stay cognizant of affordability, Joe personally buys t-shirts and brings them to the school for students to DIY them into their own capes. And, in 2019, to build on Capes and cape-wearing all-year round, Joe purchased a cape for every single Grade 1 and Grade 2 student to wear each day.

“The students love wearing a cape and lot of them express an appreciation in knowing that Holland Bloorview exists and they’re making a difference for kids,” he says.

And while Joe personally loves wearing his cape, he tries to teach his students that you don’t need one to be a hero.

“A hero is somebody who makes a difference for others. A hero is somebody who demonstrates a level of respect and responsibility,” he says. “It doesn’t matter how young or old or where you are, every small act can make the difference.”