Meet Zion

Meet Zion, a Capes for Kids superhero. Each year ambassadors proudly wear their capes and inspire meaningful conversations about accessibility, inclusion, and creating a stigma-free world where everyone belongs. Our superheroes also generously share their stories, pose for photos, feature in ads, and join in so many festivities. We’re so excited for you to get to know them better. 

Zion on basketball court, holding basketball under one arm. Wearing his cape.


Superpower: Time Travel

Theme Song: Sunflower by Post Malone and Swalee

Mission: Strengthening his arm

Superhero: The Flash

“Wearing a cape makes me feel proud.” Zion is a Guinness World Record-breaking superhero with a cape (and a heart) of gold.

From playing 2K with his friends, dribbling down the pitch to shooting hoops with Pascal Siakam, Zion is up for any challenge! At just 12 years old, he’s already been breaking barriers for a decade.  

When Zion was two he was diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) following a case of bronchitis. When he first arrived at Holland Bloorview his muscles and reflexes were weak and he wasn’t sure how this would affect his life… but Zion was on a mission.

“The hospital gave him the tools to try and walk and eat again. They allowed him to navigate this on his own while guiding him,” shared his mom Marlaina. “They showed him alternative ways to do what he loves. Holland Bloorview gave Zion the confidence to be the best version of him in every change he goes through.”

“They helped me with everything and they give me a lot of support when I need it,” he says with a smile.

Over the years Zion and his therapists have become friends. His care team are people he’s come to rely on for advice – and for a competitive game of basketball.

Marlaina is so grateful for the dedication to her son’s care. “To see someone else believe in your child the way that you do is the most powerful feeling,”

Zion is a long time supporter of Capes for Kids. “I’d had a red cape for three years, and then last year I finally raised enough money for a gold one!”

2023 was a big year for Zion in more ways than one. He was one of 2,854 people who wore their capes at the February 6th Raptors 905 game, breaking the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the largest gathering of people wearing capes.

 “Last year, I met Pascal Siakam, here in the gym and we also got to break the world record and I got to play basketball with him. I played at Holland Bloorview! And at the basketball place I got to throw shirts into the crowd!”

Now as a powerful Capes for Kids ambassador, Zion is continuing to be a barrier breaking leader for kids with disabilities. He’s challenging you and himself to seek new goals and proudly wear a cape while doing it.