Virtual Events-In-A-Box

Are you interested in hosting your own virtual game or movie night with your friends and family, all while raising money for Holland Bloorview? Try one of these virtual events-in-a-box! Simply download the event package, invite your friends and family, and have some fun. 

Get cozy, grab your popcorn, virtually invite friends and family, and enjoy this “heroic” movie marathon list. 
Who’s down for a little friendly competition? Enjoy a night of trivia with friends and family with this kit!

Capes Kickoff Meeting

Download this interactive presentation to show your office, team, or family what Capes for Kids is all about! 

CEO Challenge

The CEO or a senior leader will agree to complete a series of challenges as donations are made.

Corporate Scavenger Hunt

Bring your colleagues together for a virtual scavenger hunt that builds teamwork and friendly competition. 

Office Auction

Get your colleagues together for a online auction as a fun and creative way to fundraise and build team engagement! 

Decorating Your Cape Party

Rally your friends, family, or colleagues for an evening full of sparkles and glitter! Use this kit for a guide to hosting a night of Cape decorating.

Game Night

Use this guide to hosting the perfect game night with friends and family! Both Virtual and In-person options included.

Give it Up!

Give it up! Give up an indulgence for a week or a month and make a donation for every time you would usually go for that yummy treat or secret snack. More details below.

Host a Chili Cook Off

Love to cook? Have a cook off! Challenge friends and family to some friendly competition with your cooking. Click below for more.