This superhero is back to make a difference

A woman with medium skin tone and brown hair wearing a red cape. She is sitting on a couch with a black and white dog, who is wearing a gold cape.

From the moment she stepped through Holland Bloorview’s doors, Poonam Puri was blown away. The staff’s commitment, dedication, energy and drive was exceptional, she says. Poonam, who is a professor of law at Osgoode Hall, York University and a corporate director, decided then that she wanted to play a big role in Holland Bloorview’s future and help to build a more inclusive and accessible world.

Now the chair of Holland Bloorview’s board of directors, Poonam is making a difference for kids and youth with disabilities and helping Holland Bloorview to shape the healthcare system. She’s proudly sporting her superhero cape for a sixth year, and sharing her top Capes for Kids fundraising tips as a seasoned pro.

What does Holland Bloorview mean to you personally, and why do you support the hospital?

Poonam: To me, Holland Bloorview means opportunity: opportunity for kids and families to receive the best care possible. Opportunity for our clients to reach their full potential. Opportunity to challenge stigmas around children with disabilities. And opportunity to impact the healthcare system more broadly through innovative care delivery centered on our client-first ethos.

A woman with medium skin tone and brown hair wearing a red cape. She is standing outside on a snow-covered driveway with a black and white dog, who is wearing a gold cape.

What’s your favourite part about Holland Bloorview?

Poonam: My favourite part about Holland Bloorview is the staff. Whenever I meet our hard-working doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and other clinical staff, I am always inspired. Their dedication is unmatched, and their expertise, professionalism and passion for quality care and social change is incredible. They inspire me to do my part as a board member, and I am reminded every time I meet those on the frontlines that the work we do here at Holland Bloorview is so important.

Why is it important to build a more inclusive and accessible world?

Poonam: Building an inclusive and accessible world is critical. As a society, we must support all our children as they grow up. We want every one of them to thrive, find their joys and pursue a fulfilling life.

What are your top three fundraising tips for Capes for Kids fundraisers?

  1. Donate before you ask. Other donors will want to know that you are invested in the success of Capes for Kids.
  2. Make the case for Capes. Don’t just ask your colleagues or friends for donations. Tell them why it’s important. This way, you will raise awareness along with donations.
  3. Convert your donors to heroes. If someone donates, tell them about the opportunity next year to become a hero. Get others involved!