The way two-year-old Miles builds towers with his building blocks, his parents may just have a budding engineer or architect. If he does end up designing buildings, you can bet accessibility will be a very important feature.

Miles has Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita or AMC. Affecting newborns, this disease results in decreased joint flexibility and muscle weakness. In Miles’ case, he’s currently uses a wheelchair for mobility and will likely undergo several surgeries in the future.

“The condition always looks worst at birth. But, with a lot of therapy, it will get better over time,” says his mom, Leanne. “With plenty of therapy, he might be able to walk on his own.”

Miles has been coming to Holland Bloorview since he was born. He meets with a pediatrician and when he’s old enough, he will take part in physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Leanne and his father, Genuine, want him to be part of the Holland Bloorview community, and learn to be comfortable with his abilities around others.

For Leanne and Genuine, Holland Bloorview has already provided immeasurable support, helping them better understand how to navigate the complicated world of health care, how to obtain funding for Miles’ care, and how to raise a child with a disability.

Holland Bloorview supports parents like Leanne and Genuine through programs like its popular Parent Talk series which provides a safe space where parents can meet, socialize, voice their concerns, share resources and tips, and tap into the wealth of their experiences.

The Family Support Fund gives financial aid to families, offsetting the emotional and financial strain of raising a child with a disability. And the hospital’s respite programs that give parents a much-needed break.

With this kind of support, Leanne believes her son is in the best possible position to thrive as he gets older.

“We just want to give him opportunities to explore, no matter what type of mobility he has, to find his own way to explore and to see the world,” she says.