Top fundraising tips from a seasoned superhero

Megan Roach

In 2018, Meghan Roach visited Holland Bloorview for the first time. She was immediately struck by the work the hospital does to create a world of infinite possibilities for kids and youth with disabilities.

Five years later, Meghan is now the vice-chair of Holland Bloorview Foundation’s board of directors bringing her expertise as the chief executive officer of Roots Canada. And after seeing firsthand how funds have helped improve the lives of children with disabilities through therapy, equipment, education and support, Meghan is once again sporting a cape for Capes for Kids. She shares her top fundraising tips and what Holland Bloorview means to her.

What does Holland Bloorview mean to you personally, and why do you support the hospital?

Meghan: During my 2018 visit, I was struck by the dedication of the staff and the incredible innovations being developed at the hospital. I saw firsthand how the hospital is positively impacting children living with disabilities, and I was moved by the stories from the families and the team.

Why is it important to build a more inclusive and accessible world?

Meghan: All individuals deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and to have equal opportunities to participate in society in a way that allows them to reach their full potential. Each of us has an opportunity to contribute to building this better world in different ways.

Do you have any goals this year for Capes for Kids?

Meghan: I have three main goals for Capes for Kids this year:

  1. Raise awareness: Despite the great work done by Holland Bloorview, many people are not aware of the excellent services and programs the hospital offers to our communities and how we can support their work.
  2. Make a difference with a higher donation: This year, I am increasing my personal fundraising goal by 50% to $15,000.
  3. Increase community involvement: With 22% of the Canadian population aged 15 years and over living with disabilities, we have an opportunity to get more people involved in making a tangible difference in the lives of their loved ones, family and friends.   

What are your top three fundraising tips for Capes for Kids fundraisers?

  1. Challenge yourself and others: Friendly competition is always fun. For example, one year I donated a set amount for everyone in my company that wore capes to our town halls; another year, I matched the donations raised by others.
  2. All contributions make a difference: People are sometimes worried about participating in fundraising. They fear they have to raise hundreds or thousands of dollars to make a difference. Start small and create realistic goals. For example, if instead of getting lattes for two weeks, you can donate funds to your Capes for Kids team page. That may be $50 or more. Imagine how impactful this could be if your whole office team did the same.
  3. Have fun: Capes is about awareness and raising funds for a fantastic hospital doing great work with children. If you wear your cape proudly to different events, the conversations it starts will have positive effects.