Meet Rehan

You may recognize Rehan from Dear Everybody. Or you may catch him on an episode of Gary’s Magic Fort.

When the eight year old isn’t in school—or showing off his brilliant acting skills—he also enjoys playing Scrabble, gardening and having a splash at the water park. Rehan, who is a Bloorview School Authority graduate and a client at Holland Bloorview, visits the hospital often for occupational therapy.

In this interview, Rehan shares his favourite memories as a Holland Bloorview client, his golden rule for being a super hero and why Capes for Kids is so important.

How does Capes for Kids make you feel?

Rehan: It makes me feel proud because I’m helping Holland Bloorview. I feel like I’m a superhero! Being a superhero means reflecting the golden rule: treating others with respect.

What are your favourite memories from your experiences with Holland Bloorview?

Rehan: Spiral Garden and robotics. My favourite memory from robotics was the egg drop where you had to design a method to keep the egg from breaking three times. And Spiral Garden was fun. It’s just like an enchanted forest. The leaves and trees dance and perform a ballet. And I got to do gardening. I love gardening!

What do you love about gardening?

Rehan: Planting and watering plants and watching them grow. My favourite plant is the aster. I made a tiny flowerbed for them in Spiral Garden. Plants started growing and people wanted to add to my flower bed. I wish I could build a tree house in Spiral Garden.

You guest starred on a CBC show called Gary’s Magic Fort. What was that experience like?

Rehan: I felt very excited and proud. The best part was doing a science experiment. I poured baking soda and food coloring at the same time, and then they exploded like a volcano. And I wore a scientist’s coat!

You donated the money that you made from being on the TV show to Holland Bloorview. Why did you do that?

Rehan: Holland Bloorview helped me so much. I wanted to give back and support them.

Let’s fast forward to the future. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Rehan: My doctors at Holland Bloorview inspire me. One day I wish to be as good as them. I would love to be as good as Dr. Fehlings and Dr. Milo-Manson. I want to be an orthopedic doctor when I grow up. I want to see the smiling faces of children.