Meet Mike

Mike Savage’s face lights up when he talks about Holland Bloorview.

Mike is a proud member of the Holland Bloorview Catalyst Council, a group of young professionals that play a critical role as partners, advocates and ambassadors for Holland Bloorview by spreading awareness. The council has taken part in Capes for Kids for several years—and this year, they are determined to help make Capes for Kids bigger and better than ever before.

We chatted with Mike about some of the amazing conversations he’s had while wearing a cape, and why everyone should know about Holland Bloorview’s programs and services.

Why are you wearing your cape this year?

Mike: I’m a longtime fan and a huge admirer of Holland Bloorview’s programs and services. Holland Bloorview is light-years ahead. They’re incredibly forward-thinking when it comes to having inclusive partnerships between key stakeholders. The hospital is dedicated to not only providing care, but also to making ways for clients and families to be co-designers and authentic partners. I’m so proud to be representing Holland Bloorview in this campaign.

Why is Capes for Kids important?

Mike: It’s important because the programs and services at Holland Bloorview are indispensable. As a rehab hospital where we support children living with disability, medical complexity, illness and injury, it’s never just a health care topic or a health care issue that’s being addressed. These complex care topics are about finance, education, architecture and human resources. Those are relevant to everyone. It’s not just for health care professionals.

What are your most memorable experiences from Capes for Kids?

Mike: There are really great opportunities to wear the cape everywhere. I would wear my cape to the gym. People came up to me and asked me what the cape was for. That was awesome. I love the fact that people noticed it. Some people were willing to make a donation on the spot. One of my other recreational activities is rock climbing. That lead to some conversations with the gym team and they donated some great items to a fundraising event that we hosted.

What are your goals this year as a fundraiser?

Mike: The Catalyst Council’s goal is to up our game every single year. It has motivated us to really leverage our networks and make people aware about why we’re fundraising. One of my personal goals, as well as the council’s, is to recruit as many supporters as we can. I want to raise even more donations this year, reach out to more people and connect even more. Another personal goal of mine is to get back out there and wear my cape in public. It’s a bit easier to be noticed now. You are more noticeable because there are less people out there. There’s even more visibility.

What is your superpower?

Mike: Being able to take two things that may not immediately relate and bringing them together. For instance, I find opportunities to connect Holland Bloorview in almost every other thing that I do, whether it’s in my conversations with people that work in health care or people who don’t work in health care at all.