Meet Lincoln

To pass the time in lockdown, 11-year old Lincoln enjoys playing video games like Fortnite and Legend of Zelda, while also baking up a storm fundraising for Capes for Kids.

“One of the reasons that we got involved in Capes for Kids is that my friend Gabriel and his mum Fabiana told us so many great things about how Holland Bloorview has helped them,” says Lincoln. “This is my first year helping out with Capes for Kids, but I got my cape from Fabiana and I wear it with pride— even around the house!”

In planning his Capes for Kids fundraiser, Lincoln had to come up with a way to raise money despite the fact people couldn’t come together in person, like before. Luckily, the self-described foodie had a sweet idea.

“I thought that a virtual baking class would be fun,” says Lincoln. “I’ve learned many advanced pastries, but some of them require different equipment, so I had to choose something that everyone could do.”

That’s why Lincoln settled on teaching everyone how to make empire cookies, which feature jam sandwiched between two sugar cookies, with the option to add icing and sprinkles. And the cherry on top? He raised $1,000.

“This is my first year participating in Capes for Kids and while I can imagine some kids may somewhat feel powerless in the grand scheme of life, I want to tell them that every action is noticed and however you can help people, they will benefit from it. I’m glad I get to make a difference as a kid,” he says.

“Maybe I can’t pool all the money by myself, but I’m able to pool money from people who paid for tickets.”