Meet Dulce

For Dulce Marafona, Capes for Kids is a light in the year.

Dulce is one of the many superheroes at BMO, Capes for Kids’ presenting sponsor. Dulce is a seasoned pro at doing whatever it takes to raise funds for the hospital—whether that means organizing book sales or motivating her BMO branch coworkers to brave the cold in their capes.

We chatted with Dulce about her passion for Holland Bloorview and her approach to fundraising.

Why are you wearing your cape this year?

Dulce: I’m wearing the cape this year for a child that’s very important to me. She has been working with Holland Bloorview and attends Bloorview School Authority. I’m not only taking part for her, I’m also participating for all the kids and families that work with Holland Bloorview.

What’s your favourite part about Capes for Kids?

Dulce: It’s very exciting. It’s always a light in the year to have that week where the whole team is engaged with the campaign. Everybody at BMO feels proud. I feel proud for all of us working on the campaign. 

Why is Capes for Kids important?

Dulce: The hospital needs support so they can continue to provide exceptional care to kids and families. It’s important to show people the impact that they actually have on kids and their families. The kids are full of potential.

What are your strategies as a fundraiser?

Dulce: Our branch always shares what the hospital does with our team. We create packages and resources inspired by kids’ stories. And whenever we are comfortable with it, we share personal experiences. Every year when I talk to other people about the campaign, I always mention Holland Bloorview because it’s important for people to be familiarized with the hospital’s name. The more people know the name, the more they’re going to talk about the hospital to others as well.

What is your most memorable Capes for Kids experience?

Dulce: One year I made the whole team go to the park so we could take a picture with balloons while wearing our capes. It started to snow. It was one of the most beautiful pictures we took for the campaign.

Capes for Kids is right around the corner! Join forces with Holland Bloorview from March 7 to 13th and help create a world of possibilities for kids and youth with disabilities. Register or donate today!