Meet Joe – Interwork

For Joe Graci, heroic service means going the extra mile and adapting well to difficult situations.

It’s something he ensures his company Interwork exemplifies for its customers, but it’s also something he hopes to take one step further with this year’s Capes for Kids.  

Joe and his 13-year-old son Christopher are no strangers to Holland Bloorview. From attending the Bloorview School Authority, to physiotherapy and occupational therapy appointments, to participating in research studies, to recreational activities like swimming lessons, Christopher has been an active part of the hospital’s community.

“He had reconstructive hip surgery three years ago and he spent eight weeks at Holland Bloorview recovering, plus several weeks of post-recovery follow-up,” says Joe. “And he just developed such an affinity for the place. So, Capes for Kids is his way of being involved and giving back.”

Christopher has been fundraising for Capes for Kids since its start as an Ambassador for Holland Bloorview—and each year Joe’s been supporting Christopher’s campaign efforts.

But, this year, as the CEO, Joe plans to take it one step further by having his company host staff-wide fundraising initiatives that also involves their customers and suppliers.

While his campaign team has come up with team building activities, Joe adds he’d love to be able to involve his team by spending one day volunteering at the hospital.

“I think just bringing the personal connection back to Holland Bloorview is really important,” he adds. “You’d get a full appreciation of the day to day experience, in order to better support the kids.”

It’s a campaign near and dear to his heart, and one he knows his staff will readily engage.

“I think there’s a lot of awareness around hospitals, like Sick Kids—but where do kids go pre- or post-Sick Kids? They go to Holland Bloorview,” he says.

That’s why this campaign and the hospital are important: because Bloorview provides ongoing continuing support and care.

“The kids exemplify so many qualities that the business world can learn from and emulate.  It’s really important to draw the connection to the heroic qualities these kids show us in their everyday life and how they can be applied to delivering exceptional customer experiences.”