When it comes to fundraising, the staff at Fidelity like to turn Capes for Kids into a friendly competition between their North and South towers to see who can raise the most money.

Come March, the company rallies its co-op students to engage all staff and come up with creative tactics to raise as much money as they can. 

Beth, who was one of the co-leads of last year’s team, praises how much fun and creativity it allows.  

For the 2019 campaign, Fidelity’s Capes for Kids teams wore their capes all week while hosting a pizza sale, doughnut sale, a bake sale, a cape fashion show, and even candygram thank you cards where staff could send gratitude messages to other members on the team.

“It was a no brainer when it came to deciding why we should participate in Capes,” says Beth. “The work that Holland Bloorview does is so meaningful.”

The importance of Capes for Kids is another reason Sam, one of Fidelity’s previous co-op students, was enthused to participate by wearing his cape around the office and on his commute.

“You definitely get a couple looks, but a couple people asked me why I was wearing a cape and I was able to explain why the initiatives at Holland Bloorview are so important for the kids there,” he says.

Fidelity’s Capes team also got a chance to tour the hospital, where students engaged with interactive technology and saw the research done in the prosthetics department.

“When we visited the hospital where our fundraising was going, that was so impactful,” says Beth.

“If we can contribute to a campaign like this and see how it can make life easier and more fun for even one kid, that makes it all worth it.”