Elena and Vanessa

Elena’s Superpower: Resiliency
Vanessa’s Superpower: Empathy

Although Vanessa and Elena are focused on completing their PhDs in rehabilitation, they’re adding a bit of fun to their day—and it’s all thanks to a cape.

The two University of Toronto students are this year’s co-captains for the Bloorview Research Institute (BRI) students’ Capes for Kids team. 

It’s the second year the duo will be leading a team.

“It makes a huge difference to have different minds come together to fundraise,” she says. “It’s nice to have that community come together for a great cause.”

Plans for this year’s Capes for Kids campaign are still underway, but are mainly focusing on virtual alternatives while encouraging team bonding. Ideas for a virtual mixologist to provide an online drink class, a baking or cooking session, a virtual cape decorating night, and a wine survivor challenge are currently on the table.

“Logistics of these ideas are still premature, but we hope to find fun, engaging ways to fundraise this year using the virtual format,” says Vanessa. “The Bloorview Research Institute Trainee Executive also now has an Instagram account. So, we will definitely utilize this platform to spread the message about Capes for Kids!”

And even amidst a pandemic, Vanessa and Elena believe Capes for Kids is more important now than ever, for clients and families.

“Holland Bloorview provides as much support possible for kids with disabilities,” adds Elena.

“This year more than ever I think is cause to give back if you have the means to, as you never know who may be having a hard time. It is important to note however, that as this has been a hard year for many people, financial donations may not be feasible. In that regard I think you can still give with your heart and your actions—even if donating is not an option, giving time or sharing resources with others is an equally helpful and important way to support an important cause!”