Meet Bob

Ask Bob Courteau where he’s worn his cape and he’ll show you photos of him skiing down a hill, at a Raptor’s game, and in his office as the CEO of Altus.

While he has yet to decide where this year’s photo will take place, Bob has been involved in the campaign since its inception and has already begun fundraising by reaching out to his network.

“I think I have 100s of people in my contact list: competitors, partners, customers, employees, and I just blasted out to everybody,” he says. 

“I love it because it’s not just about raising money, it creates awareness. I’ve had great conversations about why I’m involved, and what the hospital does, and I get donations from around the world.”

Bob is a Holland Bloorview Foundation Board Member and got introduced to the hospital through his children—who used to volunteer and once used the services—as well as other colleagues involved with the community.

And because he’s seen firsthand just what the work in the hospital does for so many clients and families, it’s unsurprising how enthusiastically he participates in Capes for Kids.

“It’s fun and it exposes a broader group of people to Holland Bloorview. This campaign is the first time that I’ve done this kind of fundraising,” he says.

“It’s one of those things that energizes all stakeholders, the team, staff, the kids, the hospital boards, and through it, it’s amazing what you find out about people who’ve been involved.”