7 tasty tips from Capes for Kids fundraisers

A dash of creativity and a sprinkle of team work is a recipe for fundraising success. Whether you’re feeling a little bit sweet or spicy, these inspiring Capes for Kids fundraising tips will leave you hungry for caped fun and full of excitement for fundraising!

We asked Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital staff – who also happen to be super fans of food – to share their top fundraising tips for Capes for Kids.

Sweet tooth

Ian Rogers, senior director, facility management

Inspired by his newfound passion for baking during the pandemic, Ian Rogers joined forces with his fiancé Jeff to bake up some tasty treats for a Capes for Kids bake sale fundraiser. After selling out in just 25 minutes during their first year, the pair continued fundraising for Capes for Kids every year since then through their popular bake sales. Ian also generously raised funds for Holland Bloorview in 2022 during Christmas time, making a donation in memory of his grandparents.

Favourite baked treat: French cream brulé

What Holland Bloorview means to Ian:

“Holland Bloorview means a lot to me. Having a 25 year career in facility management, working here is the most rewarding job I have had and fills me with a sense of pride each day I come to this building.”

Ian’s top fundraising tip: put your hobbies and skills to good use

“I hosted a dinner party one year for another charity I supported, and charged my dinner guests $100 each to come (they even brought wine too!)”

Spicin’ things up

HB Hot Ones
Melissa Ngo, family support specialist
Greg Vanden Kroonenberg, multimedia specialist
Joanne Daiz, outpatient playroom administrator in the Ronald McDonald Playroom

This group really knows how to turn up the heat. HB Hot Ones was inspired by the popular YouTube show Hot Ones, where participants eat a series of chicken wings dipped in hot sauces increasing in spice.

HB Hot Ones not only braved some spicy sauces, they also captivated an audience through an in-person and virtual broadcast of their fundraiser – and raised over $10,000 for Capes for Kids!

Favourite wing sauce?

Melissa: A local hot sauce by Nerpy’s called “Gold Very Hot Pepper Sauce.”

Greg: Honey garlic on the side! The level of spicy for me would be zero.

Joanne: Extra hot and honey.

What does Holland Bloorview mean to you?

Melissa: “Holland Bloorview has meant a lot to me ever since I was young. I came to the hospital for services that my brother received in communications and writing aids. It was my first excellent experience with health care, because of the clinicians who worked with our family – and I knew one day I wanted to work here!”

Greg: “Holland Bloorview means the world to me. Kids’ lives are changed. Family hope is restored. New paths are created for the lives of the families.”

Joanne: “Holland Bloorview is such a special place to me. I was a student some years back and had my placement in the playroom. It was my most impactful placement experience, and when an opportunity to return as a staff came around I knew this was where I wanted to be!”

What are your top Capes for Kids fundraising tips?

“Do something fun with fun people. I was very lucky to do this with really amazing colleagues!”

Greg: “Reach out to your network. Most of my campaigning has been focused around those I already connect with: my home, friends, church and community.”

Joanne: “Get creative and find inspiration. The inspiration for the fundraiser came from pure joy and curiosity!”

Joanne’s bonus fundraising tips:

  1. Gather a team of people you know would be up for a challenge.
  2. Add a dash of competition.
  3. Plan an event (either virtually or in person) that others can participate in.