Fundraising Resources

Ready to fundraise? We're here to help!


You are creating a world of possibilities for kids with disabilities! Tell your friends and family all about it!


Tell people that you’re fundraising for kids with disabilities at Holland Bloorview, and that if you reach your goal you’ll wear a cape wherever you go for an entire week! Spread the word by email, on social media using #CapesForKids, in line at the store or at work

Need help finding the right words to ask for donations? Use the outreach letter below.

How far do gifts to Capes for Kids go? 

Here are some examples: 

  • $25 buys new playroom toys, giving kids a chance to play and laugh.
  • $50 provides music therapy instruments so kids can develop new skills, express themselves… and rock out!
  • $100 supports weekend camps which allow kids to play and make new friends and gives parents down time. 
  • $250 gives youth independence by teaching them life skills, including cooking and navigating public transit.
  • $1,000 provides financial aid for families with kids with disabilities, including funds for special equipment, transportation and medications.


As you reach your fundraising goals, maybe you’ll wear your cape to your work Zoom meeting, on a date, to your virtual trivia night, or in your car on your way to work. Creating fun challenges like these will help you engage your network with Capes for Kids! Don’t forget to share your adventures on social media using #CapesForKids.

Other ideas to get you started…


Have a sale

Raise money by asking people for a donation in exchange for the items being sold. Examples include a garage, bake sale, used book sale or a craft sale.


Donations in lieu of gifts

Throw a birthday, anniversary, graduation or special event and ask guests to make a donation to your Capes for Kids fundraising page in lieu of gifts. Why not make it a virtual celebration? Invite your friends and family to tune in to your Zoom gathering and celebrate your milestone with you! 


Get sporty

Organize a sports tournament with family and friends. Have a prize for the winner. You can raise money by charging an entry fee per team or participant!


Host a virtual movie or trivia night

Select a movie and invite friends and family to your virtual movie and game night. You can sell “tickets” to the event by asking people to donate to your Capes for Kids fundraising page.