Corporate Challenge

Build a Corporate Team!

Take your employee engagement to the next level by participating in Capes for Kid’s Corporate Challenge. This free team building campaign brings everyone together for a fun, turn-key event focused on equity, diversity and inclusion.

A workplace fashion show team building activity for Capes for Kids
A group of employees gather in front of a Capes for Kids banner as part of a team building activity.
A group of coworkers wearing capes at a team building activity at Nathan Phillips Square.

Here’s what your team will receive:

  • Invites to exclusive corporate events and access to easy-to-use ‘events in a box’
  • Videos, photos, and messages from an honorary Kid Captain to keep your team motivated and inspired
  • A full resource drive of customized collateral including a custom fundraising page, zoom backgrounds, social media posts and more
  • Inclusion in the “Corporate Challenge” where leaders will be highlighted every week by our kid ambassadors on social media channels
  • Capes for all team members who reach their fundraising goal of $100
  • A dedicated staff member to assist your team and the option to have a guest speaker from Holland Bloorview
  • Corporate volunteering opportunities are also available

Ready to get started?

“The kids exemplify so many qualities that the business world can learn from and emulate. It’s really important to draw the connection to the heroic qualities these kids show us in their everyday life and how they can be applied to delivering exceptional customer experiences.”
Joe (Interwork)