Meet Our Superheroes

We are grateful for our community.

Each March, thousands join forces with Capes for Kids to make a big impact. Our community includes clients and families, individual fundraisers, businesses, schools, and community partners who are committed to supporting Holland Bloorview. 

Learn more about some of the incredible people participating in the campaign. We couldn’t do it without them!

"Wearing a cape is a nice icebreaker because it opened up that conversation to bring visibility."

– Tanya, Holland Bloorview Staff

Girl smiling on bike

Meet Alessandra » 

Superpower: Bravery

Elena and Vanessa

Meet Elena & Vanessa » 

Superpowers: Empathy & Resiliency

Bella and Kadence

Meet Bella »

Superpower: Proud Being Different


“Holland Bloorview is our second home. Everyone was as passionate as I was to see Lilly’s success and progress.”

– Narges, Lilly’s Mom

Meet Joe »

Superpower: Perseverance 

Meet Lilly »

Superpower: Caring

Boy smiling

Meet Gabriel »

Superpower: Spreading love & joy

“If I can give back somehow in another way, I think it’s important to be able to do that."

– Daryl, Gotham Central Comics


Meet Carlos & Daryl » 

Each year, Carlos and Daryl create fundraising opportunities even months after the March kick-off.


Joe (Interwork)

Meet Joe » 

For Joe Graci, heroic service means going the extra mile and adapting well to difficult situations.


Meet Tanya » 

Superpowers: Authenticity & fairness

“The kids exemplify so many qualities that the business world can learn from and emulate."

– Joe, Interwork


Meet Fidelity » 

When it comes to fundraising, the staff at Fidelity like to turn Capes for Kids into a friendly competition between their North and South towers to see who can raise the most money.

Bob Courteau

Meet Bob » 

Ask Bob Courteau where he’s worn his cape and he’ll show you photos of him skiing down a hill, at a Raptor’s game, and in his office as the CEO of Altus.

Steve and James

Meet Steve » 

When Steve Banquier’s son was rushed to the hospital last year, they thought it was just the flu.

Meet Lincoln » 

Superpower: Determination

Meet Sonnet Insurance »

When Ruma joined Sonnet a few years ago, she was keen to share her work as a Family Leader at Holland Bloorview with her new colleagues.