Social Media Toolkit

On this page you will find:

  • Top tips for fundraising on social media
  • Handy example posts 
  • Images to share 
  • Fun Zoom backgrounds
  • How to get your LinkedIn network involved 
  • An eye-catching email banner

Top tips for fundraising on social media

Share why you’re fundraising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and ask your friends to support your Capes for Kids campaign.

Announce and celebrate when you reach milestones and fundraising goals. Make sure to include #CapesForKids and tag Holland Bloorview in your posts.

Post pictures showing your friends everywhere you rock your cape! You can wear your cape to the movies, while walking your dog or even to the grocery store. 

Every update should include a link to your personal fundraising page so your network can easily support your capes for kids fundraising efforts.

Ask friends to share your fundraising page!

Thank people who have donated by posting a thank you and tagging them.

Example posts

Example #1: I’ve joined forces with Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital to raise funds for #CapesforKids! Donations will help create a world of possibilities for kids with disabilities. Consider helping me reach my fundraising goal: [Insert link to your donation page!]

Example #2: It’s official, I’m halfway to my #CapesForKids fundraising goal! Your donation will help me earn my cape and every dollar helps Holland Bloorview create a world of possibilities for kids with disabilities. Check out my page: [Insert link to your donation page!]

Example #3: I’m so proud to have earned my shiny red #CapesForKids cape, but I still want to help Holland Bloorview reach their $1M goal this year! Please consider donating: [Insert link to your donation page!]

We love seeing your posts, so don’t forget to tag us!
Instagram: @hollandbloorview
Twitter: @HBKidsHospital
Facebook: @HBKRH

Images for social media

Instagram in-feed

A Capes for Kids graphic with an adult and child.

Instagram stories


A Capes for Kids graphic with two children

Fun Zoom backgrounds

Background #1 (still image)

Capes for Kids Zoom Background

Handy tip: Add a QR code to your Zoom background!

Make it easier than ever to fundraise at your next zoom meeting or social by adding a QR code to your Capes for Kids background! Your colleagues and friends can make a donation simply by opening up the camera on their phone and scanning the code, which will take them to your personal fundraising page! Here’s how: 

  1. Save the above Zoom background
  2. Go to your personal fundraising page and copy your URL link
  3. Use a free QR code Generator to create your own custom code –
  4. Paste your URL link and download your QR code
  5. Use Paint or Canva to paste into the top right corner of your zoom background. Save and use in your next meeting!

Background #2 (animated video clip)

LinkedIn hero nominations

LinkedIn Challenge
Let your network know about your mission to create a better world for kids with disabilities. Tag your heroes in your industry and encourage them to do the same:

“I’m nominating [tagged names] as industry heroes and am donating to @Holland Bloorview Rehabilitation Hospital on their behalf to create a world of possibilities for kids with disabilities! Repost and tag your heroes or support my page here: [insert link to your fundraising page] #CapesForKids”

Email Banner

Add some superhero magic to your emails! Download the Capes for Kids email footer and insert and help spread the word!

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