Where your money goes

By supporting Capes for Kids, you are funding vital programs and services at Holland Bloorview that do so much for kids with disabilities and their families.

YOU can help parents make ends meet

The Family Support Fund gives financial aid to families for special equipment like wheelchairs and walkers, transportation to and from the hospital, accommodations at the hospital’s overnight suite, and medications.

YOU can give Parents a Break

Being the parents of a child with a disability isn’t easy. Holland Bloorview offers a range of overnight and day respite services for kids of all ages, parents get much-needed relief as they re-charge and reconnect.

YOU can help kids laugh

Using music and physical comedy, Holland Bloorview’s Therapeutic Clowns help ease the pain, administering warmth and laughter to kids and families. They’re a smile-cracking distraction during certain procedures and can make therapy fun.

YOU can help kids make music

Your gift will be used to purchase musical instruments like keyboards, violins and ukuleles, giving kids the chance to be social, artistic and creative as they express themselves through sound in our music therapy programs.

YOU can help kids paint, play and perform

The Spiral Garden helps kids’ imaginations bloom. This popular outdoor art, garden and summer camp program lets kids explore self-expression and creativity as they transform into artists, sculptors, gardeners, puppeteers, storytellers and theatre performers.

YOU can help young adults live independently

The Independence Program (TIP) gives young adults with disabilities the chance to live away from home for three weeks. TIP workshops help them develop living skills like how to buy groceries, how to prepare meals, how to manage money, and how to safely take public transit.