Capes Week Events

Saturday, March 3

  • Visit the Eaton Centre anytime from 9am-6pm to get your photo taken in the Capes for Kids photobooth and meet some of our heroes!
  • Check out the Krumbs Breadery table at the Butter Tart Festival in Midland. They’re fundraising for Capes for Kids and they have a surprise for you.

Sunday, March 4

  • Visit the Eaton Centre anytime from 9am-6pm to get your photo taken in the Capes for Kids photobooth and meet some of our heroes!

Monday, March 5

  • The CN Tower will light up red today to celebrate the start of Capes for Kids week!
  • Today’s #CapesforKids challenge: take a picture of the CN Tower. Here’s a sample post:
    “Calling all heros! The CN Tower is red for #capesforkids. I’m in – will you support me? [link to your fundraising page]”
  • All week: Stop in to any BMO branch in the GTA to pick up a raffle ticket! You could win a signed Mitch Marner jersey OR a signed John Wall jersey. Proceeds benefit Capes for Kids and Holland Bloorview.
  • All week:  Visit Gotham Central Comics in Mississauga for your comic fix and support Capes for Kids!

Tuesday, March 6

  • #CapesforKids: Wear your cape to get a coffee (or a tea, or a water, or whatever) and snap a pic in line. Your network will love seeing you out doing your thing, and wearing your cape!

Wednesday, March 7

  • #CapesforKids: Let’s do lunch – in a cape. Wear yours wherever you’re having lunch today (“out”, your table, your cube – wherever!) and share it.

Thursday, March 8

  • Continue to rock that cape everywhere you go!

Friday, March 9

  • #CapesforKids: Show some love to BMO today. They’re raising money for Capes for Kids at over 160 GTA branches. Find your local branch, strike a pose, and take a pic.
  • Join Capes for Kids at EGLX Canada’s largest video game expo, from March 9-11! Find us in the Kid’s Zone and experience some of our incredible research technologies first hand, including a bike that assists kids with cerebral palsy in managing their exercises, and a video game that helps kids improve their range of motion as part of their therapy (and so much more). 

Saturday, March 10

  • #CapesforKids: Just one day left! Strike your most heroic pose and let your friends know that you’re going to meet or beat your goal, no matter what. There’s still time for them to support you.

Sunday, March 11

  • Last day of cape wearing!  Get the most out of it by emailing all your contacts again for a final fundraising push, and go out on an adventure in your lovely cape!  
  • #CapesforKids: Pets love capes. Take a moment to get a shot of you with your pet and share it. Don’t have a pet? Today is a great day to show everyone that you’re wearing your cape when you’re relaxing out of work.

There’s still time to support Capes for Kids personally, at your school or through your business. Do you have an idea about how to get involved? Contact the team here: