Fundraising on Social Media

Do you know the number one reason people donate to a fundraising campaign? It’s simply because someone asks them to! So don’t be afraid ask your friends, family and followers to support your Capes for Kids campaign.

This is how donations to Capes for Kids help kids, youth & families:

  • $25 buys new playroom toys, giving kids a chance to play and laugh.
  • $50 provides music therapy instruments so kids can develop new skills, express themselves… and rock out!
  • $100 supports weekend camps which allow kids to play and make new friends, and gives parents down time without having to worry about their child’s care.
  • $250 gives youth independence by teaching them life skills, including cooking and navigating public transit.
  • $1,000 provides financial aid for families with kids with disabilities, including funds for special equipment, transportation, and medications

Easy Tips to Fundraise on Social Media:

  • Tell your friends and family why you’re fundraising for Holland Bloorview, and why Capes for Kids is important to you. You’ll be amazed and motivated by all of the superheroes in your life who will support you!
  • Include stories about why you are fundraising & why this cause matters to you.
    You can include stories about some of our clients from the Meet Our Heroes section of the website.
  • Use social media to keep people updated on your progress. Tell people stories about getting ready for Capes for Kids and about wearing your cape.
  • Announce and celebrate when you reach milestones and goals.
  • Post pictures to show your friends how great you look wearing your cape, and all the fun places you are brave enough to rock your cape to.
  • Every update should include a link to your personal fundraising webpage.
  • Ask friends to share your fundraising webpage with their friends.
  • Thank people who have donated by posting a thank you and tagging them


Show your social network what you are doing and inspire your online friends to support you!  Tag us at @HBKRH

  • Sample post:
    • I’m joining forces with the heroes of Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital! From March 4-10 I’ll be wearing a cape (in public!) to raise money to create a world of possibilities for kids with disabilities and medical complexities. You will be a true superhero if you make a donation (any amount is much appreciated) to Capes for Kids – or join my team! #CapesForKids [link to your personal fundraising page]


Instagram is a great way to showcase your #CapesForKids journey and to encourage your online friends to join you. Share photos of everything you can think of, including trying on your cape and prepping. Tag us at @hollandbloorview and make your fundraising page the link on your profile page.  Don’t forget to share lots of photos when you are in your cape during the first week of March!


Tell your followers about this awesome campaign you are a part of, and ask for support!  Be sure to include the link to your personal fundraising page and #CapesForKids. Tag us at @HBKidsHospital

  • Sample tweet:
    • Finally, 2 things I really love are combined: helping kids & wearing a cape in public! Your support in helping to create a world of possibilities for kids with disabilities and medical complexities is so appreciated @HBKidsHospital #CapesforKids [link to your personal fundraising page]


Right click and save the images in this document to update your profile pictures and cover photos to promote your Capes for Kids fundraising. Make sure you include #CapesForKids in your post and a link to your fundraising page to encourage donations.

Facebook banner

Capes for Kids - Facebook Banner

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Capes for Kids - Twitter Banner

Instagram post and profile picture

Capes for Kids - Instagram Post and Profile Picture