Fundraising Ideas


1. Keep it simple.

Tell people that you’re fundraising for kids at Holland Bloorview, and that if you reach your goal you’ll wear a cape wherever you go for an entire week. Spread the word by email, on social media, in line at the store, or at work. Easy. 

2. Have some fun!

Maybe you’ll wear a cape to a big meeting, on a date, to the dentist, or on your commute – and take pictures – if you reach your goal. 

3. Tell people why

Kids with disabilities work hard at Holland Bloorview, and so do the hundreds of clinicians, therapists and artists who help them reach their full potential. Let people know why you care. Caring is awesome. 

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Have a sale

Raise money by asking people for a donation in exchange for the items being sold. Examples include a garage, bake sale, used book sale or a craft sale.

Get sporty

Organize a sports tournament with family and friends. Have a prize for the winner. You can raise money by charging an entry fee per team or participant!

Donations in lieu of gifts

Throw a birthday, anniversary, graduation or special event and ask guests to make a donation to your Capes for Kids fundraising page in lieu of gifts.

Pie in the face

Get your boss to agree to raffle off tickets to throw a pie in their face!

Theme dinner

Host a dinner with authentic food and music. Raise money by selling tickets to the dinner and asking guests to make a donation to your Capes for Kids fundraising page that night!

TV or Netflix Night

Select a movie and invite friends and family to a viewing. You can sell tickets to the event and accept donations for dinner or snacks during the evening!

Bring Capes to Work

Set up a coinbox at work, or ask to distribute your fundraising page in the office newsletter. Or, introduce the Capes for Kids team to your employer if you think the entire office or department would enjoy fundraising for Capes for Kids and Holland Bloorview!

Television show finale party

Get friends to tune in to watch a big season or series finale. You provide the food and comfy couch and they give donations per show or set a one-time donation fee.

Game night

Invite friends over to partake in board games or card games such as poker. Let everyone know that part (or all) of the winnings will go to Holland Bloorview.

Car wash

Host a car wash. Ask a local gas station to donate the space and cleaning products. Put up balloons and signs, and get soapy!